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The Broadway of Lerner and Loewe

1962, regia di Norman Jewison


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Norman Jewison - Distribuzione: NBC (National Broadcasting Company) - Musiche: Frederick Loewe - Formato: Color, film tv - Durata: 60'.

Cast: Julie Andrews, Richard Burton, Maurice Chevalier, Robert Goulet, Stanley Holloway, Charles Nelson Reilly, Frances Sternhagen.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - IMDb: «...The show is titled The Broadway of Lerner and Loewe, but that title's very misleading; this special concerns itself almost entirely with that team's two most recent shows at this time: Camelot and My Fair Lady. Those two musicals are pretty much joined at the hip, since they had the same creative team: librettist Lerner, composer Loewe, leading lady Julie Andrews, director Moss Hart, choreographer Hanya Holm and production designer Oliver Smith. The only other L&L score which gets even a brief look-in here is Gigi, entirely down to the presence of compere Maurice Chevalier, who memorably appeared in the film version of that score. (When Gigi became a Broadway musical -- after the film version, reversing the usual process -- Chevalier's role was played by Alfred Drake.) This special contains a brief tribute to Moss Hart, who had died unexpectedly (and much too young) while the special was in production. When I attended the screening in 1964, I had only the vaguemost notion of who Moss Hart was, and I wondered if he had something to do with Moss Rose or Moss Bros. I now know, of course, that he was a major Broadway figure, although he only ever worked with Lerner & Loewe on these two musicals. This show has a general air of cheapness about it, and was clearly produced on a very low budget. In 1964, I had not yet seen any version of My Fair Lady or Camelot, so it was a real delight for me to see the great Stanley Holloway here performing his two numbers from the former. He does them solo here; apparently the production budget wouldn't stretch far enough to give him a supporting chorus, plus costumes and rehearsals. I recall thinking that both numbers would have worked better with a back-up chorus: I didn't realise at the time that this was indeed how they were originally staged. ...».




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