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1992, regia di Girish Karnad


Scheda: Nazione: India - Soggetto: da un'antica fiaba - Sceneggiatura: Girish Karnad - Formato: Color, linguaggio Hindi - Durata: 102'.

Cast: Sonali Kulkarni, Girish Karnad, Prashant Rao, Gargi Yakkundi. Geetanjali Kirloskar, B. Jayashree, Poornima Chikkerur, Sushma.


Trama e commenti: TreccaniCinema: «...Ancora in hindi un film del 1992, poetico e con finale tragico, Cheluvi, basato su una antica fiaba, molto popolare nel Karnataka, che narra di una ragazza capace di trasformarsi in un albero dai meravigliosi fiori profumati...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «Cheluvi is a well known Hindi film directed by Girish Karnad. Cheluvi means a beautiful girl and the part of the protagonist by the same name is played by Sonali Kulkarni. The rest of the of Cheluvi star cast include Girish Karnad, Prashant Rao, Gargi Yakkundi, Geetanjali Kirloskar, B. Jayashree, Poornima Chikkerur, Sushma and others. Based on folklore of  Karnataka the plot of Cheluvi has been penned down by Girish Karnad himself. The plot revolves around a girl, Cheluvi, who has mystical powers. Her family is surviving in abject poverty in a village. Besides Cheluvi there is her sister and old mother in her family. As they grow up Cheluvi tells her sister that she has magical power through which she can turn into a flowering tree. The sisters go deep inside the forest and as Cheluvi concentrates on the spell he sister brings two pitchers of water. She pours one of them over Cheluvi. Miraculously the younger sister is turned into a flowering tree that yields exotic flowers with bewitching fragrance. Cheluvi asks her to gather as many flowers as possible without breaking any part of the fragile tree. After plucking sufficient flowers Cheluvi's sister pours water from the second pitcher on her and Cheluvi regains her human form. ...».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Flowering Tree.



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