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Giulietta e Romeo

China Girl

1987, regia di Abel Ferrara



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Great American Films Limited Partnership, Street Lite, Vestron Pictures Ltd. - Distribuzione: Life International, DVD Eagle Pictures - Soggetto (ispirato a Romeo e Giulietta di William Shakespeare): Nicholas St. John - Sceneggiatura: Nicholas St. John- Fotografia: Bojan Bazelli - Montaggio: Anthony Redman - Art Direction: Dan Leigh - Costumi: Fi - Musiche: Joe Delia - Effetti speciali: Matt Vogel - Formato: Panoramica Color - Durata: 89'.

Cast: James Russo, Sari Chang, Richard Panebianco, David Caruso, Russell Wong, Joey Chin, Judith Malina, James Hong, Robert Miano, Paul Hipp, Doreen Chan, Randy Sabusawa, Keenan Leung, Lum Chang Pan, Sammy Lee, Johnny Shia, Stephan Chen, Raymond Moy, Josephina Gallego-Daz, Caprice, Anthony Dante, Robert LaSardo, Chi Moy.



Trama e commenti: - - - - - Lotta in una zona di confine fra i quartieri di Little Italy e Chinatown fra due bande di teppisti cinesi e italo-americani. Ma c' pure lo spazio per una storia alla Giulietta e Romeo: un teddy boy italiano s'innamora di una cinesina, figlia di un capo gang. Finisce male: in una sparatoria, che fa fuori una bella fetta dei contendenti, ci lasciano la pelle anche i due innamorati.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - - - - IMDbChina Girl is easily Abel Ferrara's most conventional and commercial movie to date. Thankfully it improves on his previous movie Fear City, which was too compromised and "Hollywood" to succeed. The story is a basic updating of Romeo And Juliet set against the background of Chinese and Italian gang rivalry. Newcomers Richard Panebianco and Sari Chang play Tony and Tye the ill fated lovers who continue their forbidden romance against pressure from their family and friends. Neither actor has went on to all that much but they are both more than adequate and make a sweet couple. The real action comes from solid performances by James Russo, David Caruso, Russell Wong, Paul Hipp and Joey Chin, many of whom went on to work with Ferrara on later projects. It was also good to see Judith Malina and veteran character actor James Hong in supporting roles. While by no means as flamboyant and confrontational as Ferrara's best known work, this is a surprisingly entertaining story which should appeal to a much wider audience than his "difficult" but....

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