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Won 2 BAFTA Awards: Technical Craft Award (TV), Special Award - Won 1 Peabody Award - 2 Nominations BAFTA TV Award: Best Script, Best Specialised Programme


1969, regia di Michael Gill, Ann Turner


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) - Distribuzione: Time Life FilmsSoggetto: Kenneth Clark - SceneggiaturaKenneth Clark - FotografiaA.A. Englander, Kenneth MacMillan - MontaggioRoger Crittenden, Michael Shah Dayan, Peter Heelas, Jesse Palmer - MusicheEdwin Astley - Formatoserie tv di 13 documentari, Color - Durata: 50' ogni puntata.

Narratore: Kenneth Clark.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - en.wikipedia.orgCivilisation: A Personal View (often called simply Civilisation) is the title of a book and a popular and influential TV series outlining the history of Western art, architecture, and philosophy since the Dark Ages. The series was produced by the BBC and aired in 1969 on BBC Two, and both the book and the TV material were written by art historian Kenneth Clark (1903-1983), who also hosted the series. Civilisation was one of the first UK documentary series in colour, and one of BBC2's first major productions, at the time of David Attenborough's controllership. One of Attenborough's aims of the series was that it should showcase colour television. For technical reasons colour television was to come to BBC2 before BBC1 and so, as a channel aimed at minority audiences, it was possible to commission a major series about the Arts. The director and co-producer of the series was Michael Gill (1923-2005). (The other co-producer was Peter Montagnon). At first, Clark's patrician attitudes annoyed Gill and the project was almost abandoned. However eventually Gill formed a great respect for Clark's aesthetic judgment. During the filming on location, they formed a close and enduring friendship. The series was replayed on BBC Four and released on DVD in 2005....




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