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(Conan The Adventurer)

1992, regia di Christian Choquet, Bernard Deyriès


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Sunbow Productions, Graz Entertainment, Jetlag Productions, AB Productions, C&D - Distribuzione: AB Productions - Soggetto: Robert E. Howard - Sceneggiatura: Katherine Lawrence, Christy Marx, Jean Chalopin - Formato: Color, animazione, serie tv - Durata: 25' ogni episodio.

Voci: Michael Donovan, Janyse Jaud, Scott McNeil, Long John Baldry, Gary Chalk, Alec Willows.




Trama e commenti: - «Conan (Conan the Adventurer) è una serie televisiva a cartoni animati prodotta nel 1992 da Sunbow Productions, Graz Entertainment e Jetlag Productions, composta da due stagioni per 64 episodi complessivi. La serie si ispira ai racconti dedicati al personaggio di Conan, ideato da Robert Ervin Howard».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - -«...Conan lived in the Black Sea region with his parents throughout his childhood. While out with his grandfather one day on a trek, meteors dropped from the skies. Conan collected some of these "fiery tears" and brought them back to his family. The metal turned out to be Star Metal, the strongest metal in existence. Conan's father forged the Star Metal into various weapons and sold them. His finest work, a magnificent sword, he kept for Conan. This last weapon was laid in a crypt and covered over with a heavy stone slab. Conan's father told him that when Conan was "man enough" (i.e., strong enough) to push off the stone slab, he could own the sword. The evil, shapeshifting, Serpent Man wizard Wrath-Amon wanted this Star Metal to release his deity Set from "the Abyss". Set had been banished from Earth long in the past by the combined powers of virtually every living wizard on Earth because he wanted to enslave the human race. Upon hearing of this cache of Star Metal, Wrath-Amon went in search of Conan's family. Conan's father had sold most of the Star Metal by this point, and told Wrath-Amon that he had sold all of the star metal (this was a lie; aside from the sword, it was revealed in a later episode that he had hidden pieces of Star Metal with other villagers). Wrath-Amon used the spell of living stone upon Conan's family...».

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La serie tv in 64 episodi è stata trasmessa negli USA dal 12 settembre 1992 al 22 novembre 1993; in Italia è andata in onda su Italia 1, Canale 5, Fox Kids.   


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