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Villon: il poeta maledetto

La Corte dei miracoli

(François Villon)

1945, regia di André Zwobada



Scheda: Nazione: Francia - Produzione: Les Films Corona - Distribuzione: Nayfack - Soggetto: dalla commedia If I Were King di Justin Huntly McCarthy - Sceneggiatura: André Zwobada, Pierre Mac Orlan - Fotografia: Louis Page - Montaggio: Sh - Art Direction: Mm - Scenografia: Le - Costumi: Fi - Musiche: Tony Aubin, Georges Auric - Effetti speciali: Nj - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 95'.

Cast: Serge Reggiani, Jean-Roger Caussimon, Henri Crémieux, Pierre Dargout, Guy Decomble, Claudine Dupuis, Jacques-Henry Duval, Renée Faure, Gabrielle Fontan, Micheline Francey, Gustave Gallet, Léon Larive, Frédéric Mariotti, Albert Michel, Albert Montigny, Jean Morel, Denise Noël, Julienne Paroli, Marcel Pérès, Albert Rémy, Michel Vitold.

Trama e commenti: -

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb «Most film versions of the life and times of 15th-century Parisian "beggar poet" Francois Villon are derived from the old theatrical chestnut The Vagabond King. Not so the French Francois Villon, an original for the screen penned by director Andre Zwobada and scenarist Pierre MacOrlan. Serge Reggiani plays the title character along more serious lines than such previous screen Villons as John Barrymore and Ronald Colman. Surprisingly, King Louis XVI, Villon's friendly enemy, is nowhere to be found: instead, the film dwells on the poet's many romantic entanglements. While American censors were surprisingly lenient when dealing with the amount of cleavage displayed by such zaftig actresses as Claudine Dupuis and Helene Sauvaneix, it was obvious that the love scenes in Francois Villon were heavily trimmed for U.S. consumption» (Hal Erickson).


Serge Reggiani è François Villon.



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