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2003, regia di Chris Stevenson


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: First Foot Films - Distribuzione: Film Four Distributors - Soggetto: Paul Waite - Sceneggiatura:  Paul Waite - Montaggio: Scott Crane - Formato: Color, corto, film tv - Durata: 10'.

Cast: George Yiasoumi, Sukie Smith, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Ronni Ancona, Johnny Lander, Keith Allen, Elizabeth McKechnie, Kitty Bertenshaw, Charlotte Levy, Emily Levy, Pruce Panday.


Ronni Ancona

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - - IMDb: Two actors are employed as stone-age people within an exhibition at the British Museum as live models as a couple. However their relationship is not going well and she is thinking of leaving him they don't really talk anymore, they never leave the cave to go anywhere and skinning carcasses just doesn't appeal like it once did. Having gone to the effort of adding this film to the database I wanted to be able to write a good review of it but having just watched it, I'm afraid that I can't give it say I liked it as much as I wanted to. The concept sounds great and I did think it was a clever idea to place a short relationship comedy sketch within a caveman exhibition but the script just doesn't do enough with it to be as good as it could have been. It is amusing at times but it is never really that funny and it pretty much did what you would expect it to without ever really producing anything as good as the idea looked on paper. The cast are so-so and are aided by cameo roles from Keith Allen and Roni Ancona but generally they can only do so much with the material they are given to work with. Stevenson's direction is actually pretty good in terms of how the film looks but he can't really bring the absurd humour out of the material whereas another director may have been able something with that wasn't necessarily written on the page. Overall though it is a good idea that is delivered as an amusing if uninspiring short film, nowhere near as good as it should have been.


Johnny Lander Robin Hood.




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