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2 Nominations: Gaudí Awards, Best TV-Movie; Zapping Awards: Best Actress


2010, regia di Lluís Maria Güell


Scheda: Nazione: Spagna - Produzione: Ovideo TV, Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) con la collaborazione dell'ICIC (Catalan Institute for the Cultural Industries) - Distribuzione: Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) - Soggetto: Núria Furió, Mercè Sàrrias - Sceneggiatura: Núria Furió, Mercè Sàrrias - Fotografia: Sergi Gallardo - Montaggio: Frank Gutiérrez - Art Direction: Quim Roy - Scenografia: Quim Roy - Costumi: Ramón Ivars - Musiche:Arnau Bataller - Effetti speciali: Onirikal Studio - Formato: Color, miniserie tv in 2 episodi - Durata complessiva: 173'.

Cast:  Francesc Garrido, Francesc Orella, Pau Durà, Josep Maria Domènech, Bea Segura, Dafnis Balduz, Marina Gatell, Jordi Rico, Oriol Vila, Laia Marull, Joan Massotkleiner, Carles Velat, Rosa Renom, Roger Coma, Aida Oset.







Trama e commenti: Ermessenda di Carcassonne regnò tra X e XI secolo a Barcellona.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Ermessenda of Carcassone, Countess of Barcelona, Girona and Osona, was a woman who governed for 60 years, despite having a son and grandson. She reigned in a world of men and did so without hiding in the shadows of her descendants. She even fought against them in order to keep her share of power. She was an ambitious, dogged fighter with a thirst for power. A complex and passionate individual, who despite her success, was cruelly spurned by her family. She was cut out of Berenguer Ramon's will and ignored by her son, who never forgave her for not letting him reign on his own. Her grandson, Ramon Berenguer, forced her to renounce her title of countess. Ermessenda fought throughout her life, entangled in a web of family power plays. Sons, grandsons, brothers, cousins parcelled out counties in search of territorial balance that would make them stronger in the fight to conquer Saracen lands. This series is about the life of a powerful woman living in the 11th century at a time when the Catalan nation was being forged in fire and blood».





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