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Fajr al islam

1971, regia di Salah Abouseif


Scheda: Nazione: Egitto - Produzione: General Egyptian Cinema Organisation - Distribuzione: General Egyptian Cinema Organisation - Soggetto: Abdel Moneim Shoukry - Sceneggiatura: Abdel Moneim Shoukry - Fotografia: Abdel Aziz Fahmy -  Scenografia: Abdel Bejali - Musiche: Fouad El-Zahry - Formato: Eastman Color - Durata: 120'.

Cast: Hamdy Ahmed, Malnya Ahmed, Abdel Rahman Ali, Samiha Ayyoub, Yehia Chahine, Nagwa Ibrahim, Mahmoud Moursy.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - browse/catalog - - - - «This Arabic language costume drama treads extremely delicately as it preaches its message to the already converted. It tells the story of the early days of Islam on the Arab peninsula, as a young man in an idol-worshipping tribe converts to the new religion which preaches understanding, peace, and democracy (among many other things). After some disputes with his family, most strongly brought about by the boy's destruction of family idols, all is resolved when they, too, convert and harmony is restored» (Clarke Fountain).


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Dawn of Islam; L'Aube d'Islam; La naissance de l'Islam.




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