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Gengis Khan e l'impero mongolo

Genghis Khan

1987, regia di Lee Wai-man, Yeung Siu-hung, Wan Wai-kei, Fan Sau-ming


Scheda: Nazione: Hong Kong - Produzione: TVB - Distribuzione: TVB - Soggetto: Yun Siu-na, Ka Wai-nam, Lam Siu-kei, Siu Kwong-hon - Sceneggiatura: Yun Siu-na, Ka Wai-nam, Lam Siu-kei, Siu Kwong-hon - Musiche: Michael Lai - Formato: Color, serie tv in 10 episodi.

Cast: Alex Man, Felix Wong, Sean Lau, Lau May-kuen, Tse Ning, Eddie Kwan, Chan Ting-wai, Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Michael Tao, William So, Ho Wai-lung.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - «Genghis Khan (Chinese: 成吉思汗) is a Hong Kong TVB historical drama TV series based on the biography of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire in the 13th century. The series was first broadcast on TVB in Hong Kong in 1987. Unlike most of the productions by TVB in the 1980s, the series is filmed mainly in the plains of Inner Mongolia, China, and involved much more extras who acted as the soldiers in the battle scenes. Besides, an entire flight was booked for the filming cast and crew».




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