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1988, regia di Fritz Kiersch



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Cannon Films, Cannon International - Distribuzione: America Vķdeo, Cannon Films Distributors, Warner Home Video, Ķzaro Films - Soggetto: dal romanzo Tarnsman of Gor di John Norman - Sceneggiatura: Rick Marx, Harry Alan Towers - Fotografia: Hans Kühle - Montaggio: Ken Bornstein, Max Lemon - Scenografia: Hans Nol - Effetti speciali: Manny Ferreira, Pat Kerby, Noel Henry - Formato: Color - Durata: 98'.

Cast: Urbano Barberini, Oliver Reed, Paul L. Smith, Rebecca Ferratti, Jack Palance, Graham Clarke, Donna Denton, Daniel D. Halleck, Larry Taylor, Arnold Vosloo, Janine Denison, Jenifer Oltman, Martina Brockschmidt, Ann Power, Chris du Plessis, Ivan Kruger, Joe Ribeiro,Visser du Plessis, Philip Van der Byl, George Magnussen, Fred Potgieter, Etty Orgad, Amanda Haramis, Eve Joss.






Trama e commenti: - - - - «Magie e avventure alla Conan in una terra al di lą del tempo e dello spazio. Un mite professore americano č spedito per magia a Gor, al di lą del tempo e dello spazio, per aiutare una tribł a recuperare una pietra magico-totemica; diventerą un eroe combattendo contro il bieco Sarm».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - «For nondiscriminating action fans who like their sword-and-sandal flicks laced with a dose of science fiction, Gor may prove a mildly entertaining if derivative adventure in another world. Urbano Barberini stars as absent-minded college professor Tarl Cabot who, through the combination of an auto accident and his owning a magical ring, is jolted into a bizarre and desolate place known as Gor, a counterworld that exists alongside our own in a simultaneous present. Although he's a milquetoast on Earth, Cabot is a new man on Gor; he whips off his glasses, takes a crash course in archery, and turns into the long-awaited savior of Gor. And not a moment too soon: former high priest Sarm (Oliver Reed) has been terrorizing and decimating villages. Accompanied by the daughter (Rebecca Ferratti) of Gor's captured king, two sidekicks, and a plucky dwarf, Cabot battles nomads and bandits, and encounters a variety of counterworldly adventures and characters. If you can put up with the aimless milling about of the extras during the battle scenes, GOR's mindless, nonstop action provides campy fun of a comic book variety. Chintzy-looking and woefully unoriginal, GOR doesn't provide enough thrills to be called "quality entertainment," but its mongrel, inept appeal may prove agreeable for sword-and-sorcery buffs».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Gor e os Guerreiros Selvagens Brazil; John Norman's Gor.



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