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Il cinema indiano: non solo Hollywood - Gengis Khan e l'impero mongolo


1956, regia di D. D. Kashyap



Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: All India Pictures - Distribuzione: Saregama HMV - MusicheJaikishan Dayabhai Pankal (come Jaikishen), Shankarsinh Raghuwanshi (come Shanker) - Formato: B.N., linguaggio hindi - Durata: 150'.

Cast: Ajit, Meena Kumari, Pran, Raj Mehra, Helen, Minoo Mumtaz, Sunder, Shammi, Veena, Niranjan Sharma.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - aflam.wsGenghis Kahn's grandson, Halaku (Hulagu) Khan. In 1258, Halaku sacked Baghdad, killing 1.6 million people in the city and ending forever the signs of the glory of the great city. It was a complete scorched earth policy. They came, they looted, they destroyed, they burned, they killed, they left. The Mongols, as the whole world knows, were savage people. Barbarians.




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