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2002, regia di Bassel al Khatib


Scheda: Nazione: Siria - Formato: Color, serie tv - Durata: 30 episodi. Cast: Ayman Zeidan, Abdel Rahman Al Rashi, Norman Asad, Bassam Lutfi.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - The story of the Mongolian conqueror Holaco and his invasion to the Muslims. In the 7th century, the fall of Baghdad to Holaco king of Tatars, due to to the betrayal of the Ibn al-Alkami to his Master al-Musta'sim Billah, the last Khalifa of the A bbasites. Indeed, the fall of Baghdad is far greater in tragedy than any illustration or description. Many Muslims back then thought the Judgement Day was at hand, about 2 millions muslims were killed. Syrian director Bassel al Khatib directed this TV series entitled Hulako, the leader of the Mogol during their occupation of the Arab homeland. The historical series deals with the mechanism of life of the Mogol, their way of living and laws. The series makes a comparison between the past and the present where there is a super military force that wants to sweep the region whose people suffer from disunity and weakness. Such a condition was prevalent at the end at the Abbaside period. The series is being filmed in the coastal area with the participation of actors and actresses from different Arab countries.


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Hulako.



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