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Janosík: il Robin Hood dei Carpazi Il Medioevo nel cinema cecoslovacco


1921, regia di Jaroslav Siakel


Scheda: Nazione: Cecoslovacchia - Produzione: Jan Zavodny - Distribuzione: Tatra Film Corporation - Soggetto: dal romanzo Jánosík, kapitán horských chlapcov - jeho búrlivý zivot a desná smrt di Gustav Marsall Petrovsky - Sceneggiatura: Jozef Zák-Marusiak - Fotografia: Oldrich Benes, Jaroslav Siakel - Art Direction: Ondrej Kovácik, Bohuslav Sula - Costumi: Frantisek Horlivý - Formato: B.N., muto - Durata: 68'.

Cast: Theodor Pistek, Karel Schleichert, Maria Fabryova, Miloslav Schmidt, Olga Augustová, Bronislava Livia, Vladimír Srámek.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - IMDb: «First you have to know the history of Janosik a Slovak (Slovakia not Slovenia) hero, a true character, robber and renegade who by his fight against the Feudal class got so famous that became a part of the folklore... This movie had a nice history, it was financed by Slovaks who moved to USA during the crisis, i.e. the capital is US and the sets are Slovak, thats why its also called the first Slovak movie ever made. The copy of this movie was lost for long years and was found i think in 80s in a garage in US, parts of original picture are missing, but the plot is still complete and it was reconstructed and issued on DVD. Janosik is an educated young man who comes home to his home village and sees all the bad that is being done to poor ones, in one moment in anger he attacks a member of the high class and since than is a renegade, starts to steal from the "rich" ones and gives the booty to "poor" ones. A nice example of early movies, none of the actors ever made other movie and the same goes to the director and camera man».




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