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Janosík: il Robin Hood dei Carpazi


1974, regia di Jerzy Passendorfer



Scheda: Nazione: Polonia - Produzione: Zespol Filmowy "Panorama" - Distribuzione: Zespol Filmowy "Panorama" - Soggetto: Tadeusz Kwiatkowski - Sceneggiatura: Tadeusz Kwiatkowski - Fotografia: Stefan Pindelski - Musiche:  Jerzy Matuszkiewicz - Formato: Color - Durata: 119'.

Cast: Marek Perepeczko, Bogusz Bilewski, Mieczyslaw Czechowicz, Anna Dymna, Marian Kociniak, Ewa Lemanska,  Witold Pyrkosz, Jerzy Turek, Jerzy Binczycki.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «Janosik, legendary hero of the Tatra Mountains, is the subject of this opulently produced Polish adventure film. The best (and most banal) way to describe Janosik is as a Polish Robin Hood--at least, this film leads us to believe that his principal purpose in life is to rob from the evil land barons and redistribute the wealth to the poor peasants. Marek Perepeczko cuts a dashing figure in the Errol Flynn-ish leading role. There's not much more to say about Janosik except that it's exciting and (according to contemporary Polish film critics) reasonably accurate. The film was originally released in 1974, then made available to non-European markets three years later» (Hal Erickson).




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