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4 wins, Filmfare Awards: Best Art Director Black and White, Best Director, Best Film, Best Sound Recordist

Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje

1955, regia di Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram


Scheda: Nazione: India - Produzione: Rajkamal Kala Mandir - Soggetto: Dewan Sharar - Sceneggiatura: Dewan Sharar - Fotografia: G. Balkrishna - Montaggio: Chintamani Borkar - Art Direction: Kanu Desai - Coreografie: Gopi Krishna - Musiche: Vasant Desai - Effetti speciali: Nj - Formato: Color, linguaggio Hindi - Durata: 143'.

Cast: Gopi Krishna, Sandhya, Keshavrao Date, Master Bhagwan, Madan Puri, Manorama, Mumtaz Begum, Nana Palsikar.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «With the boldly-individualistic Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje (1955), V. Shantaram thumped his chest to affirm that he was proud of the beauty and artistic richness of Indian classical dance, manifest in its myriad forms like Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Manipuri. Jhanak... was a major moneyspinner that ran at one theatre for two years. Creating a song-and-dance extravaganza, Shantaram made Jhanak... one of Hindi cinema's primary classics of the heart and the eye. Probably to underline the fact that Indian dance is more colourful than a box of paints, he became one of the first Indian filmmakers to choose the technicolour format to tell his story. Not surprising, considering he had also directed Sairandhri, an early experiment in colour, as far back as 1933!  After the imaginatively shot titles (the credits appear on rangolis), Jhanak... opens with an aging proponent of dance as high art - respectfully called Guruji (Keshavrao Date) - tearing up posters of a dancing girl and hurling abuses. He is enraged because of the blatant selling-out by his one-time protégée Roopkala who now dances for money. His anger is fuelled by the performance of yet another dancing girl, Neela (Sandhya). After reprimanding a dazed Neela, the guru makes his son and disciple Girdhar (Gopi Kishen) dance at her home and impress upon her the loftiness of classical dancing. A converted Neela fervently asks the guru to accept her as his disciple. He demands total allegiance to dancing...».


Film musicale dalle "atmosfere medievali".




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