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Lady Godiva

2007, regia di Vicky Jewson



Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Jewson Film Productions, Lady Godiva Ltd - SoggettoVicky Jewson - SceneggiaturaVicky Jewson - Fotografia: George Stephenson, Agnes Goddard - Montaggio: George Akers, Anthony Parker - Art Direction: Antonia Bruce - Costumi: Clare Harries, Briony Langmead - Musiche: David Sinclair Whitaker - Formato: Color - Durata: 108'.

Cast: Phoebe Thomas, James Wilby, Nicholas Parsons, Julia Verdin, Isabelle Amyes, Lara Cazalet, Matthew Chambers, Marcia Warren, Petra Markham, Natalie Walter, Eric Carte, Steven Geller, Matthew Turpin, Georges Trillat, Susan Dury, Martyn Read, Paul Ansdell, Freddie Stroma, Simon Williams, Daniel Gill, Lucy Hoult, Libby Jewson, Rupert Whitaker, Ceri Middleton, Steve Hay, Robert Hynes, Honerajah Njie, Sarah Garrett, Arantxa Banares-Aldea, Ka Yan Cheung.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: Proud and determined, astride a beautiful white horse, Lady Godiva rides through medieval streets to protest against high taxes levied by husband, Leofric, Earl of Mercia. Into modern day Oxford where Jemima Honey, an attractive but quirky young school teacher, fierce and independent, sets out to resurrect her dead brother's memory through the 'Art Factory'; the place she has founded where youngsters can forget their troubles and enter the world of their imagination. Through a chance encounter, she meets the gorgeous Michael Bartle and is very much taken by his charms until she discovers he is the 'Godiva' man, a notorious play boy. Through his persuasive talents and high level contacts, Michael persuades Jemima to make a stand for her soon to be closed down art factory. However Michael is forced to lie to Jemima and is found out at the point of proposal. In a big turn-around Jemima takes the reigns and plans a publicity stunt to attract a five year sponsorship deal for the art factory- riding naked on a horse over Magdalen Bridge on may morning. this culminates in a reuniting of all, laying to rest of family ghosts and 'the' proper proposal.

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