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Lady of the Lake

1998, regia di Maurice Devereaux


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: Maurice Devereaux Productions - Distribuzione: Fangoria Films, MTI Home, Bedford Entertainment - Soggetto: Maurice Devereaux - Sceneggiatura: Maurice Devereaux - Fotografia: Richard Labelle, Denis-Noel Mostert - Montaggio: Maurice Devereaux - Costumi: Lynn Rousseau - Musiche: Martin Gauthier - Formato: Color - Durata: 90' (82').

Cast: Erik Rutherford, Tennyson Loeh, Emidio Michetti, Christopher Piggins, Marty Daniels, Josée Laviolette, Christy Strauss, Pierre Dupuis, Marc A. Fournelle, Marc Proulx, Donald Caron, David Fontaine, Sylvie Mercier, Christelle Latrasse.


Trama e commenti:

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «Another independent horror title that would have probably vanished into oblivion had it not been picked up by Fangoria, Lady of the Lake will surprise many viewers expecting a monstrous gorefest. More of a soulful erotic fairy tale, the film is obviously a heartfelt production from French Canadian director Maurice Devereaux and his crew, as they spent over six years working on it from initial preproduction (as a short film) until completion. David (Erik Rutherford), a young painter, experiences a strange dream in which, while standing over his uncle's casket, a demonic man taunts him. When David awakes, he receives a phone call informing him that his uncle has indeed just passed away, leaving David - the last living relative - his uncle's lakeside cabin for whatever use he sees fit. David drives out to investigate the property and spend some time relaxing away from the city; soon after, a local neighbor informs David that his uncle drowned under mysterious circumstances, just like many of the men living in the area. Quicker than you can say Phantasm, David rummages through the cabin and, thanks to some photographs, discovers that his uncle was involved with a mysterious woman who may have been involved in his death. That night, David is awakened by strange noises, and lo and behold, the end of his hallway has turned into a glassy underwater lake with a floating woman (Tennyson Loeh) beckoning to be welcoming inside. David pulls the woman into the hallway, and they make love (the punchline for this scene is a riot). Over the next few days, the woman continues to return and finally makes David an offer: she will stay with him unconditionally for a week and offer him unlimited happiness, but after that she must leave and never see him again. David accepts, and after much pleading, the woman, Viviane, allows him to step into the past and discover the truth behind her ghostly torment. Aside from some medieval sequences, Lady of the Lake largely ignores the Arthurian implications of its title and instead focuses on a supernatural romance along the lines of Girl in a Swing. Homages to other films abound, ranging from Jean Cocteau's Orpheus to Roger Vadim's Blood and Roses and John Boorman's Excalibur. The fantasy and dramatic elements work well, with a large amount of tastefully handled nudity, but the gory horror sequences look tacked on to increase the film's commercial potential».




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