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Best International Adventure Feature at the New York, International Independent Film and Video Festival

Long Time Ago in Ilza

(Dawno temu w Iłży)

2010, regia di Michal Drzewiecki, Janusz Bocian


Scheda: Nazione: Polonia - Produzione: Michal Drzewiecki - Distribuzione: Crvsaderfilms. Black Stork StudioCrvsaderfilms. Black Stork Studio - Soggetto: Michal Drzewiecki - Sceneggiatura: Michal Drzewiecki - Montaggio: Janusz Bocian - Musiche: Piotr Musial - Effetti speciali: Blackstork Studio - Formato: Color - Durata: 62'.

Cast: Maciej Zapaśnik, Paula Piechowska, Joanna Bocheńska, Marcin Bąk, Piotr Wasek.








Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - - - «Long ago in Iłża is an adventure story, with elements of romance knight, taking place in the thirteenth century Poland. Directed by Michael Drzewiecki Historymakers affiliated in the project. Came the dark times of regional divisions. Torn by internal conflicts the country is in chaos. Loves freedom and independence of Peter called The narrow knight - bandit living in a castle in Iłża, decides to marry the daughter of Russian prince. This system is intended to provide him a strong ally in the fight with anyone who would want to subjugate him. Bishop of Cracow - the venerable dignitary of the church, considers him a troublemaker and bully, which at all costs to be tame. Peter was the only refused to pay tribute to his feudal lord. Sending troops against him did not bring the desired result. He decides to act otherwise. After learning about the planned wedding sends his best man, who kidnaps a young princess, during the trip. Its place is taken by the secret agent of the bishop. Absolute woman whose job is to eliminate gentleman of the game. The case, however, makes the young knight Macko, who escorted the princess survives the attack on the convoy and on his own decides to bounce the princess from the hands of kidnappers. Another bloody armed conflict looms. The film is produced by a completely offs, realized, amateur means, for a very modest budget, however, is the story of unprecedented momentum in the amateur theater. This was possible thanks to the selfless help of many people and passion for the environment reconstructive, and the outside. Execution, from the first slap, to complete post-production, took four and a half years» (Janosgolya).




Segnalato da Federica Garofalo.


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