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Il Medioevo dei viaggiatori nel tempo - Medioevo magico: diavoli e maghi, roghi e streghe

The Lords of Magick

1989, regia di David Marsh


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Marsh International Films - Distribuzione: American Cinema Marketing, Prism PicturesSoggetto: Sherman Hirsch, David Marsh - Sceneggiatura: Sherman Hirsch, David Marsh - Fotografia: Bruce Burnside - Montaggio: David Marsh - Art Direction: Michael Rennekamp - Costumi: John Bowen - Musiche: Greg Stewart, Keith Bilderbeck - Effetti speciali: David Marsh, Tom Shouse - Formato: Color - Durata: 98'.

Cast: Jarrett Parker, Mark Gauthier, Ruth Zakarian, Brendan Dillon jr., Candy Galvane, David Snow, John Clark, Clement St. George, Robert Ankers, Richard Rifkin, Robert Hoppe, Renč St. Peter, Debbie Davis, Delores Nascar, Robert Axelrod, Fred Asparagus, Paul Rosenbloom, Laura Piening, Debra Young, Jeff Kerner, Gary J. Wayton.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - IMDb - «Credit The Lords of Magick with this much: an unheralded low-budget fantasy, released directly to home video, it's just as entertaining (if not more so) than recent overproduced fairy stories (like Krull) whose failure at the box office have left the sword-and-sorcery genre in a comatose state. Most movie fantasies suffer from what could be called "Dragon Burnout Syndrome," a numbing familiarity with stock characters and plots. No matter how lavish the sets, how incendiary the special effects, or how flamboyant the performances, one unicorn is very much like another. The Lords of Magick at least manages a few original touches. Ulric (Mark Gauthier) and Michael (Jarrett Parker) are brothers, a pair of young "Merlinite" wizards sowing their magical oats in England in the year 988. Dragged before the king on a charge of necromancy (they resurrected an ungrateful nobleman, murdered by thieves), the pair plead for a chance to redeem themselves. Remembering the pre-credit sequence in which his daughter was abducted by Salatin (Brendan Dillon, Jr.), "the most evil and feared sorcerer of black magic," the king orders the two brothers to retrieve Princess Luna (Ruth Zackarian) and kill her captor. Michael is...».

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