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Moi Renart

1987, regia di Jean Cubaud


Scheda: Nazione: Francia - Produzione: I.D.D.H. - Distribuzione: Canal+ - Soggetto: da Le roman de Renard - Sceneggiatura: Bruno-René Huchez, Olivier Massart, Gilles Taurand - Art Direction: Jean-Louis Bompoint - Musiche: Joël Cartigny, Jacques Davidovici, Cyril de Turckheim - Formato: Color, serie tv, animazione - Durata: 24' ognuno dei 26 episodi.

Voci: Jean-Pierre Denys, Laurent Hilling, Maryline Saffar, Raymond Baillet, Rolande Forest.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «The series revolves around the adventures of Renart (voiced by Jean-Pierre Denys), a young and mischevious fox who has just moved to Paris from the countryside, accompanied by his pet monkey Marmouset.  He moves to the city to get a job and visit his grumpy and stingy uncle, Isengrim, who is a deluxe car salesman, and his reasonable yet dreamy she-wolf aunt, Hirsent. Reynard meets Hermeline, a young and charming motorbike-riding vixen journalist. He immediately falls in love with her and tries to win her heart during several of the episodes. As Reynard establishes himself into Paris, he creates a small company at his name where he offers to do any job for anyone, from impersonating female maids to opera singers. To help with this, he is a master of disguise and is a bit of a kleptomaniac, which gets him trouble from police chief Chantecler (a rooster) who often sends to him police cat inspector Tybalt in order to thwart his plans. A few key characters of the series derive from French folk tales, including Renart (who is derived from the trickster figure Reynard), Chantecler the rooster and Tybalt the cat».

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Serie televisiva francese in 26 episodi di 24 minuti ciascuno, creata da Bruno René Huchez, in onda su Canal+ dal 20 settembre 1986 (poi ridiffusa tra 1992 e 1995 su M6, e tra luglio e agosto 1997 su France 3.




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