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Won 1 Lion of San Marco, Venice Film Festival


1964, regia di Aleksandr Rou


Scheda: Nazione: URSS - Produzione: Gorky Film Studios - Distribuzione: Embassy Pictures Corporation, Homestead Video, United American Video - Soggetto: Nikolai Erdman, Mikhail Volpin - Sceneggiatura: Nikolai Erdman, Mikhail Volpin - Fotografia: Dmitri Surensky - Musiche: Nikolai Budashkin - Formato: Color - Durata: 84'.

Cast: Aleksandr Khvylya, Natalya Sedykh, Eduard Izotov, Inna Churikova, Pavel Pavlenko, Vera Altajskaya, Georgi Millyar, Mikhail Yanshin, Galina Borisova, Anatoli Kubatsky, Valentin Bryleyev, Tatyana Pelttser, Tatyana Barysheva, Varvara Popova, Zinaida Vorkul, Anastasiya Zuyeva, Margarita Korabelnikova.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - «Jack Frost, near as we can figure, is a Russo-Finnish co-production. Like so many of our movies, it is comprised of a bunch of unrelated elements which then are sort of taped together to form a tangible blob of moving pictures to which we viewers apply our persistence of vision and suspend our disbelief. I think...I'm guessing...I have been led to believe by the film that: the lovely, sweet Nastinka is despised by her stepmother who favors her own daughter. Nastinka meets Ivan in the woods one day, after he's had a long day of frolicking with a mushroom dwarf who then puts a spell on Ivan for his conceitedness. The spell turns Ivan into a bear shortly after meeting Nastinka. Nastinka feels she is to blame, as all women do everywhere for everything, and searches the land to find Ivan, who himself is trying to find out how to reverse the spell. I think. I've only seen the movie seven or eight times, so it's all kind of unclear. Meanwhile, the evil step-mother is trying to marry off the other daughter. Throw in a bunch of elves, witches, dancing houses, snow and, of course, Jack Frost, who screws everything up then puts it all to right».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Father Frost; Jack Frost; The Frosty; The Crystal Star.



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