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Nancy Drew: The Ballad of Robin Hood

1995, regia di Stacey Stewart Curtis


Scheda: Nazione: Francia-Canada - Produzione: France 2, Marathon Productions, Nelvana, Westcom Entertainment Group - Distribuzione: France 2 - Soggetto: dal romanzo The Nancy Drew Files di Carolyn Keene - Sceneggiatura: Dennise Fordham - Diana Irwin - Effetti speciali: Brock Jolliffe - Formato: Color, film tv - Durata: 26' (20').

Cast: Tracy Ryan, Joy Tanner, Jhene Erwin, Graeme Millington, Jeff Feher, Patrick Galligan, Tony Munch, Scott Speedman.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - Nancy Drew's passion is solving mysteries. Nancy is a 20 year old university student who is captivating, curious and fiercely independent. Nancy tackles criminals, stalkers and hunts down "ghosts" in this live action series which is based on the best selling books The Nancy Drew Files by Carolyn Keene. ... Nancy and Ned get involved into a mystery when a man is literally throwing his money away, from a village rooftop.


Episodio 5 della stagione 1 della serie tv Nancy Drew, conosciuta anche con il titolo: Alice et les Hardy boys. Graeme Millington Robin Hood




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