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The Princess and the Magic Frog

1965, regia di Austin Green


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Fantasy Films Inc., Don Gundrey Productions - Distribuzione: Fantasy Films Inc., Something Weird Video - Soggetto: Harold Vaughn Taylor - Sceneggiatura: Harold Vaughn Taylor - Fotografia: Don Gundrey - Montaggio: Gary Lindsay - Costumi: Elsie Von Riper - Musiche: Billy Allen, David Roberts - Formato: Eastmancolor - Durata: 80'.

Cast: David Alan Bailey, G. Edward Brett, Nancy DeCarl, Frank Delfino, Clive Halliday, Richard Reeves, Ernest Vaio, C. Lindsay Workman.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - On St. Patrick's Day, Matthew O'Brien, a young boy, plays hooky from school by fishing at a nearby pond. He doesn't catch any fish, but takes a little frog with him. On his way home, he gets lost in the woods, and stumbles upon a leprechaun, whose beard is caught in a log. Matthew agrees to free the little man in exchange for his bag of golden magic coins. The leprechaun reluctantly agrees. Matthew tries the coins, but they don't seem to work. The leprechaun explains that the magic coins will only work in service of others. Matthew walks on, and encounters a strange sign post. Matthew tosses one of the magic coins, and the signpost suddenly comes to life and talks! It apologizes to Matthew for not being able to help the boy with his predicament. Matthew walks into a forest of talking trees. The oldest tree tells Matthew to use a magic coin on his frog, to turn it back into the knight which he formerly was. The frog does, indeed, turn into a bumbling knight in shining armor, Sir Humphrey. The knight tells Matthew of the terrible wizard, and how he was turned into the frog. He then gathers a picnic basket of food for Matthew, from a "picnic basket bush!" As Matthew eats....

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: At the End of the Rainbow.



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