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Il Principe Ranocchio

(Prince Charming)

2001, regia di Allan Arkush



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Turner Network Television, Charming Productions Inc., Hallmark Entertainment - Distribuzione: 01 Distribution, Turner Home Entertainment, America Video Film, Argentina Video Home, Bridge Entertainment Group, Hallmark Entertainment, RTL Entertainment - Soggetto: Doug Palau - Sceneggiatura: Doug Palau - Fotografia: Jamie Anderson - Montaggio: John Duffy - Art Direction: James Oswald, Mark Ricker - Scenografia: John Dondertman - Costumi: Trysha Bakker - Musiche: Lisa Coleman, Wendy Melvoin - Effetti speciali: Gajdecki Visual Effects, Keyframe Digital Productions Inc., Mr. X - Formato: Color, film tv - Durata: 87'.

Cast: Martin Short, Christina Applegate, Sean Maguire, Andrea Martin, Bernadette Peters, Billy Connolly, Colin Fox, Carly Street, Marcia Bennett, Colm Magner, Jake Goldsbie, Vicki Papavs, David Fox, Julia Paton, Meredith McGeachie, David Maclean, Frank Ruffo, Denny Doherty, Stefan Brogren, Christine Brubaker, Philip Dewilde, Michael Querin, Sean Wayne Doyle, Novie Edwards, Ian Leung, John Stead, Angela Vint, Julian Richings, Laird Mackintosh, Richard Quesnel, Michael Boisvert, Jason Dietrich.




Trama e commenti: - - - - - «Una scappatella extraconiugale del principe John costa carissima sia a lui che al suo abituale compagno d'avventure: i due si ritrovano infatti trasformati in altrettanti ranocchi, e tali dovranno restare per l'eternit. A meno che una ragazza non accetti prima di baciare e poi di sposare lo sfortunato principe-batrace...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - -«Hopping from the courts of Medieval England to backstage Broadway in 21st century Manhattan, Prince Charming transports a classic fairy tale into a modern love story that will cast its spell on audiences for all time. Prince John of Anwyn has defamed the crown. His punishment: a “frogging.” Assured by his squire, Rodney of Tudor, that “frogging” is a wives’ tale, the Prince accepts his punishment. Underestimating the powers of Whackthazar the Wizard, John and Rodney are zapped into unsightly toads. Less a punishment than a curse, they must remain “frogged” for an eternity. Their only escape? A kiss by a true love whom John must marry before the following full moon. Five hundred years and counting, Prince John and Rodney are still waiting. A mishap of sorts relocates the two to the great forests of Central Park. Now this amphibian duo must search for a chance to become human again. That chance comes and goes with Kate Russell, the driver of a hansom cab who, alas, only takes their picture. It comes again with Margo Stockard, a larger-than-life, fortyish-and-feeling-it Broadway star. In a playful moment, she plants a kiss on the lips of the princely toad and tosses him back in the lake. Moments later John and Rodney slog to shore, human once more, and totally out of their element. With only days before the next full moon, John must find his somewhat-fair maiden and induce her to marry him. Engaging the services of the streetwise Kate, John and Rodney begin their journey through the skyscraper castles of Manhattan. Mistaken for a Shakespearian actor, John is asked to star opposite his salvation—Margo. Meanwhile Rodney of Tudor finds his own princess in Margo’s spunky wardrobe mistress Serena—of Brooklyn. But as the full moon approaches,John discovers that it’s Kate who has won his heart. Even with the curse looming, he decides to follow it and accept whatever the fates have in store. Following in the enchanting tradition of The Princess Bride, and filled with the wonder and spectacle that has become a trademark of RHI Entertainment, Prince Charming is the most delightfully different love story in five hundred years».

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