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Giulietta e Romeo

Roméo et Juliette

2002, regia di Barbara Willis Sweete


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: Bel Air Média, Channel 4 Television Corporation, Digital Classics PLC, France 3, Iambic Productions, WNET Channel 13 New York - Distribuzione: Arthaus Musik - Soggetto: dal libretto di Jules Barbier e Michel Carré, e da Giulietta e Romeo di William Shakespeare - Fotografia: Tony Miller - Montaggio: Alison Gordon - Scenografia: Karel Vacek - Costumi: Christian Gasc - Musiche: di Charles Gounod - Coreografie: Donna Feore - Formato: Color, film tv - Durata: 83' (73')

Cast: Roberto Alagna, Angela Gheorghiu,  Tito Beltrán, Jan Sváb, Pavel Novak, Daniel Lipnik, Marcel Acquarone, Vratislav Kriz (voce), Ales Hendrych (voce), Frantisek Zahradnicek (voce), Zdenék Havránek (voce).



Trama e commenti: - - «Film tratto dall'opera lirica».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review:«Opera's "golden couple," Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna, star in this abridged, made-for-television opera-on-film, shot entirely on location in and around a 13th-century Czech castle. The 5-act opera is condensed into a 90-minute film of highlights built around Gounod's sumptuous arias and love duets, with the chorus (of the nobles and ladies of Verona) providing the backdrop for the storyline and the lovers, separately or together, almost always within the perimeter of the camera lens. The singers chosen for this screen version of the opera- Alagna, the French-Sicilian tenor, and the Romanian soprano Gheorghiu, are not only among the celebrated voices of the new generation of opera singers; they are also a youthful couple, married to each other in real-life, and thus able to lend authenticity to the characterization of the ill-fated lovers as perhaps no others can...».

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