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Rumpelstiltskin and the Golden Secret

(Rumpelstiltskin, das Zaubermännchen)

1960, regia di Christoph Engel



Scheda: Nazione: Germania Ovest - Produzione: Dau, DEFA (Deutsche Film) - Distribuzione: VEB Progress Film-Vertrieb, Unicorn Video, Icestorm Video - Soggetto: dalla favola dei Fratelli Grimm - Sceneggiatura: Margot Beichler, Gudrun Deubener, Christoph Engel (adattamento di Günter Kaltofen) - Fotografia: Erwin Anders - Montaggio: Anneliese Hinze-Sokolowa - Costumi: Ingeborg Wilfert - Musiche: Wolgfgang Pietsch - Formato: Color  - Durata: 74' (80').

Cast: Siegfried Seibt, Karl-Heinz Rothin, Karin Lesch, Reinhard Michalke, Peter Dommisch, Nikolaus Parlya, Bodo Mette, Gerda Jawer, Hans-Hartmut Krüger, Franz Bonnet, Werner Pfeifer, Hans Flössel, Hans Feldner, Dieter Schindelhauer.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - -«Miller Klunk's boastfulness results in the imprisonment of his daughter Marie in the castle. Klunk claimed that she could spin straw into gold and she has been ordered to complete this task for the King. While locked in a room full of straw a magical dwarf appears. In her desperate situation, Marie and the dwarf make a deal. He offers to spin all the straw into gold, but for a price. In her hour of need, the miller's daughter consents. A year later, Marie is married to the king and bears him a child. All of a sudden, the dwarf reappears, reminding her of the fateful deal they made one year ago. Terrified, Marie makes yet another deal with the Dwarf. The dwarf agrees. This time, she enlists the help of the castle subjects to help her cause. The classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli Das Zaubermännchen; Rumpelstilzchen; Little Magic Man, il film è stato edito in inglese nel 1972 (Omega Productions-Filmpartners, a cura di Ron Merk, 74').



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