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Il Medioevo dei viaggiatori nel tempo

Seaview Knights

1994, regia di Richard Kurti


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Distribuzione: Guerilla FilmsSoggetto: Bev Doyle, Richard Kurti - Sceneggiatura: Bev Doyle, Richard Kurti - Fotografia: Ivan Bartos - Musiche: Oliver Davis - Formato: Colore.

Cast: Sarah Alexander, James Bolam, Clive Darby, Anita Dobson, Hildegarde Neil.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - In modern day Blackpool, a bank robber is knocked unconscious and awakens to think himself King Arthur returned to rescue a nation in decay. He enlists the aid of a taxi-driver whom he dubs Merlin and a group of petty thieves, whom he names his knights. His would-be assistants are, however, more interested in finding the 1 million he robbed from the bank before he was knocked unconscious. As they chase about looking for the money, Arthur boards a train for London to do battle with the Grey Knight. Once he arrives....



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