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La Bella e la Bestia

Skønheden og udyret

1983, regia di Nils Malmros


Scheda: Nazione: Danimarca - Produzione: Per Holst Filmproduktion - Distribuzione: Buena Vista - Soggetto: Nils Malmros - Sceneggiatura: Nils Malmros - Fotografia: Søren Berthelin, Jan Weincke - Montaggio: Birger Møller Jensen - Costumi: Manon Rasmussen - Musiche: Gunnar Möller Pedersen (e Henry Purcell) - Formato: Color - Durata: 90'.

Cast: Line Arlien-Søborg, Jesper Klein, Merete Voldstedlund, Carsten Jörgensen, Eva Gram Scholdager, Brian Theibel, Jan Johansen, Michael Nørgaard, Lone Elliot, Ib Tardini, Hans Otto Hjort Hansen, Pia Bodal, Svend Schmidt-Nielsen.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - IMDb: «When Mette (Line Arlien Soeborg) and her father (Jesper Klein) are left alone over the Christmas holidays to paint the new nursery the father ends up alone most of the time. The 16-year-old Mette is always off with her friends at the disco or skating, and the father does not mind until he discovers that young Joenne (Carsten Joergensen) has taken some semi-nude photos of Mette and clearly is intending to go further in their relationship. Suddenly the father starts hanging out with Mette and her friends as they practice winter sports together...».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Beauty and the Beast.



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