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Emmy Award Winner: Outstanding Animated Program for One Hour or More

South Park: Kyle Sucks Cartman's Balls - The Trilogy

2008, regia di Trey Parker


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Trey Parker e altri - Distribuzione: Paramount Home Video - Soggetto: Trey Parker, Matt Stone - Sceneggiatura: Trey Parker, Matt Stone - Musiche: Jamie Dunlap, Scott Nickoley - Direzione animazione: Ryan Quincy - Formato:  Color - Durata: 67'.

Voci: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Kathryn Howell, Jonathan Kimmel, Mona Marshall, Kyle McCulloch, April Stewart.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Imaginationland Episode I, or Kyle sucks Cartman's Balls is the tenth episode of the 11th season of Comedy Central's animated television series South Park. Imaginationland premiered on October 17, 2007. ... The three episodes were later reissued together, along with previously unreleased footage, as the uncensored Imaginationland: The Movie. The episode is rated TV-MA-LV. The episode begins with Cartman directing the other boys through a forest in search of a leprechaun. A skeptical Kyle is there, having made a bet that if Cartman can prove leprechauns exist, Kyle will suck Cartman's balls, but if not, Cartman will owe Kyle $10. To Kyle's shock, they do spot a leprechaun and give chase. They eventually successfully catch it in a trap. The leprechaun says he was sent to warn of a terrorist attack, and that being chased by the boys has made him late, before vanishing. A triumphant Cartman declares that Kyle must now suck his balls, but Kyle initially refuses, asking why a leprechaun would be warning of a terrorist attack and insisting that there has to be a logical explanation. The next day, as Kyle is conversing with Stan, Kenny, Jimmy and Butters, a strange man suddenly appears (Dreamfinder from Epcot's Journey Into Imagination), asking them if they have seen the leprechaun. When Kyle argues that leprechauns are just imaginary, the man tells him that just because something is imaginary doesn't mean it is not real. He then invites the boys for a ride in his magical "Imagination Flying Machine" while he serenades them with "The Imagination Song" (consisting simply of the word 'imagination' sung repetitively in various tonal inflection). ...».

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Episodio 10 della stagione 11 della serie tv South Park, conosciuto anche con il titolo: South Park: Imaginationland. La voce di Robin Hood č di Trey Parker.




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