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Draghi, dragoni e mostri alati vari

Won Film Advisory Board, Award Excellence - Won National Parenting Publications Awards - Won Burbank International Children's Film Festival: Director's Gold Award - Won Film Award, Santa Clarita International Film Festival: Best Animation Feature Film

The Tale of Tillie's Dragon

1995, regia di Michael Stribling (come Mike Stribling)


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Stribling Productions - Distribuzione: Stribling Productions - Soggetto: Michael Stribling (come Mike Stribling) - Sceneggiatura: Michael Stribling (come Mike Stribling) - Art Direction: Isao Nago - Musiche: Thomas Chase, Steve Rucker - Formato: Color, animazione - Durata: 50' (44').

Voci: Kath Soucie, John Kassir, Wayne Powers, Frank Welker, Randy Rudy, Russi Taylor.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - In this timeless fairy tale, freckle-faced Tillie lives in a castle with her uncle, who's determined to slay a dragon. Along comes Herman, a cuddly dragon who needs a friend. Tillie adopts Herman, but the townspeople are terrified of their new fire-breathing neighbor and insist that Tillie's uncle slay Herman. But just as Tillie is trying to convince her uncle to spare her new friend, the town's mayor shows up with some surprising news.




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