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Won Accolade Competition: Honorable Mention Editing - II place Bare Bones International Film Festival, Bonehead Certificate: Best Feature-Family Film 

A Viking Saga

2008, regia di Michael Mouyal



Scheda: Nazione: Danimarca-USA - Produzione: Supersonic Entertainment - Distribuzione: Koch Media, Synkronized - Soggetto: Michael Mouyal, Dennis Goldberg - Sceneggiatura: Michael Mouyal, Dennis Goldberg - Fotografia: Pierre Chemaly - Montaggio: Kinga Orlikowska - Musiche: Mark Allen - Effetti speciali: Numb Robot - Formato: Color - Durata: 82'.

Cast: Ken Vedsegaard, Peter Gantzler, Erik Holmey, Kim Sønderholm, Kenneth Carmohn, Julie Ølgaard, Neel Rønholt, Hans Henrik Clemensen, Jesper Pedersen, Alexandre Willaume-Jantzen, Jan Linnebjerg, Lars Bjarke, Klaus Hyr Hansen, Simon Braager, Samuel P. Strong, Ida Marie Christensen, Clara Maria Bahamondes, Daniel Mouyal, Toke Lars Bjarke.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «When he was 10, Helgi (Ken Vedsegaard), a Viking, witnessed the mass murder of his entire village, including his father. Though he escaped to live safely with his uncle, the weight of the loss (and desire for revenge) stayed with him as he grew up. Now that he's an adult, Helgi has learned the identity of the Viking King responsible for the slaughter, and must determine the best way to avenge his people».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: A Viking Saga: Son of Thor.



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