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Artù, Lancillotto, Ivanhoe e dintorni


2017, regia di Laura Jay


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: South Devon Players Theatre Company, Media Hound Films - SoggettoLaura Jay - SceneggiaturaLaura Jay - Fotografia: Andy Qualtrough - Costumi: Natasha Fountain - Musiche: Michael Klubertanz - Formato: Color.

Cast: Richard Sandford IV, Chris Barnicoat, Mike Mitchell, Guillaume Rivaud, Reece Whitehouse, John Harding, Edward Stewart, Jon Ian Dredge, Laura Jay, Jodie Marsh, Poppy Goodburn, Tim Cartwright, Timothy Hanrahan, Joe Evans, Adela Pop.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - -«"I am what you forced me to become!" snarls Mordred. King Arthur has ruled Dumnonia, the south-west peninsula of Britain, after being chosen as the Pendragon. His rise to prominence is remarkable, having defeated the Saxon sea-wolves at the Battle of Badon Hill at the age of sixteen. His elder sister, Morgan, once the Arch-Druidess of Dumnonia, is consumed with jealousy and plots against the throne. Following the deaths of Arthur's first wife, Anna, and his baby son, she is banished from Dumnonia. Many years later, a young nobleman is found, poisoned, on the moors. Brought to the fort town Isca by Arthur's warriors, he is revealed to be Mordred, illegitimate son of King Arthur. He too has fallen victim of Morgan's plots. As father and son slowly gain each other's trust, Mordred, who is well liked by most of Arthur's followers, is eventually chosen as Regent of Dumnonia. This is a timely appointment of power as Arthur once more engages in battle, defending his kingdom against the Saxon invasion. Unfortunately, not all of Arthur's enemies are on the battlefield...».

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Dal 2013 al 2016 è andata in onda una webserie dal titolo Mordred (anche Mordred. La revolte), prodotta in Francia da Autrement Dit e distribuita da Rockzeline, per la regia di Tommy Lee Baïk (anche sceneggiatore) e Manon Mavor. Nel cast: Tommy Lee Baïk, Dorian Bengounia, Corvis, Jeanne Dessart. IMDb - - - Trailer




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