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Vichinghi e popoli del Nord - Il Medioevo dei viaggiatori nel tempo

Nominated, Robert Festival: Best Children/Family Film

Timetrip: the Curse of the Viking Witch

(Vølvens forbandelse)

2009, regia di Mogens Hagedorn


Scheda: Nazione: Danimarca - Produzione: Cosmo Film - Distribuzione: SF Film, MFA Filmdistribution, Videx International - Soggetto: Ina Bruhn - Sceneggiatura: Ina Bruhn - Fotografia: Jens-Jakob Thorsen - Montaggio: Elin Pröjts - Scenografia: Søren Krag Sørensen - Costumi: Soraya Alaydrus, Madeleine Ludvigsen, Margrethe Rasmussen, Hvidberg Skrædderi, Clara Thyssen - Musiche: Jeppe Kaas - Effetti speciali: Digital Film Lab, Ghost ApS - Formato: Color - Durata: 92’.

Cast: Jonas Wandschneider, Clara Maria Bahamondes, Jakob Cedergren, Stine Stengade, Puk Scharbau, Lars Hjortshøj, Kim Bodnia, Søren Malling, Cyron Bjørn Melville, Lars B. Pihl, Philippe L. Christiansen, Nijas Ørnbak-Fjeldmose, Claus Riis Østergaard, Niels Martin Eriksen, Jonathan Stahlschmidt, Mads Malik Grosos, Andrea Vagn Jensen, Frank Thiel.





Trama e commenti: «Un film danese di avventura per famiglie».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - «A kid in need of a part time job lucks into one that send him back one thousand years in this action-adventure from Denmark. Fifteen-year-old Valdemar (Jonas Wandschneider) gets stuck staying at home and looking after his younger sister Sille (Clara Maria Bahamondes) while his folks go on a vacation. Eager to blow off some steam, Valdemar takes his father's new car out for a spin, only to end up in an accident that means an expensive repair job. Valdemar will do nearly anything to raise the cash to fix the car when he meets Benedict (Jakob Cedergren), a physicist looking for help with an experiment. Benedict has invented a time travel machine, and needs someone to take a test ride; Valdemar gives the machine a try and is sent back to the Tenth Century. As it happens, Benedict is actually Jotan, a fearsome warrior who was given the gift of immortality by his paramour, a powerful pagan witch (Stine Stengade), and Benedict want to go back in time to find a way to break the spell he now regards as a curse. While his first journey back in time is a success, Valdemar is not eager to make a return trip, no matter how much Benedict offers him, but Sille is willing to give it a chance and drags her brother along as they search for a cross that can cancel the spell. However, the witch gets wise to the antics of the time travelers, and sets out to foil their scheme. ...» (Mark Deming).

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Timetrip: Der Fluch der Wikinger-Hexe; Viaje en el tiempo: La maldición de la bruja vikinga; Aikamatka.




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