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Draghi, dragoni e mostri alati vari

Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer

2010, regia di Andrew Lauer


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Razor Sharp Productions - Distribuzione: Screen Media Films, Alliance Films  - Sceneggiatura: Jamie Nash - Fotografia: Luis M. Robinson - Montaggio: Coby Dax, Brent Peterson - Art Direction: Ned Lathrop - Scenografia: Paula Dal Santo - Costumi: Erin Moots - Musiche: Mark Oates - Effetti speciali: Coby Dax  - Formato: Color - Durata: 93'.

Cast: Lea Thompson, Eric Lutes, Amy Pietz, Richard Sellers, Abigail Victor, Hunter Allan, Jordan Reynolds, Ryan Bradley Norris, Wendie Malick, Andrew Lauer, Shawn Prince, Sam Webb, Ryil Adamson, Dylan Adamson, Gavin Gillette, Ken Tanaka, Diego Granados, Seth Turner, Brent Peterson, Steven Ray Byrd.








Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - «A terminally low-rent and bottom-of-the-barrel endeavor, Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer follows a young boy (Hunter Allen's Arthur) as he finds himself caught up in a larger-than-life scenario involving trolls, dragons, and magic potions - which inevitably causes no end of consternation for his mother (Lea Thompson's Laura). Filmmaker Andrew Lauer, right from the outset, demonstrates a distressing reluctance to offer up any elements designed to capture and sustain the interest of older viewers, with the movie's pervasively juvenile sensibilities - there's even a Suite Life of Zack & Cody reference! - ensuring that it remains unwatchable and flat-out interminable from start to finish. The presence of several familiar faces in the adult cast unfortunately doesn't help matters, as Lauer has apparently directed his actors to shout, yell, and mug their way through the proceedings. (It's a shame, really, given that Lauer has assembled a quirky roster of performers that features appearances by several of his former Caroline in the City colleagues.) And although the film does contain exactly one decent scene - Arthur swallows a potion that forces him to tell the truth, with his thoughts represented by comic-book-style thought bubbles - Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer primarily comes off as an exhaustingly tedious waste of time that, to add insult to injury, boasts some of the worst computer-generated special effects ever committed to celluloid».

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