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Mori e cristiani dal Cid all'Orlando Furioso

Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Shining Beacon

1955, regia di Albert McCleery


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: NBC Television - Distribuzione: NBC Television - Soggetto: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock - Sceneggiatura: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock - Costumi: Noel Taylor - Musiche: Charles Williams - Formato: B.N., film tv - Durata: 60'.

Cast: Whitfield Connor, Don Megowan, Antony Eustrel, Gladys Holland, John Dodsworth, Peter Reynolds, John Larch, Will J. White.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «The story of Alcuin, the man who started the first schools of Europe more than 1,200 years ago. Having taught Charlemange and his Queen he launched a fight to make publick education a reality». «Created by Hallmark Cards to be a showcase around which to market its greeting cards, Hallmark Hall of Fame has become one of the most valued treasures in the history of quality television programming. Hallmark Hall of Fame made its debut on NBC on 24 December 1951, with Ahmal and the Night Visitors, the first opera commissioned for television, and continued as a weekly series until 1955. The half-hour series was called Hallmark Television Playhouse during its first two years. Sarah Churchill served as the host of the program during this early period. Beginning in 1955, Hallmark Hall of Fame has been a series of specials (appearing four to eight times a year throughout the 1960s, two to three times a year thereafter). Hallmark Hall of Fame usually aired around holiday times, in order to coincide with the sale of greeting cards. These specials were usually in 90-minute or 120-minute form, and were adaptations of works by major playwrights and authors (e.g., William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, and Rod Serling). Hallmark Hall of Fame specials often featured the leading stage actors and actresses from Great Britain and the United States (e.g., Maurice Evans, Dame Judith Anderson, Alfred Lunt, and Jessica Tandy). Hallmark Hall of Fame ran exclusively on NBC from 1951 until 1979. The parting was a mutual one for NBC and Hallmark--NBC was disappointed with the low ratings the specials routinely received, and Hallmark was disappointed with poor time slots allotted to it. With the promise of better time periods, Hallmark Hall of Fame moved to CBS for the 1979-80 season. Despite a brief switch to PBS in 1981, Hallmark Hall of Fame continues to air twice a year on CBS. In 1988-89, Hallmark Hall of Fame made its appearance on ABC for the first time, thereby having appeared on all three of the major television networks, as well as PBS. Hallmark Hall of Fame is one of the most honored programs in the history of television, having won over 50 Emmy awards, including 10 Emmys for best dramatic program of the year. ...».


Episodio 143, conosciuto anche con il titolo A Tribute to Alcuin, in onda il 13 febbraio 1955, della serie tv Hallmark Hall of Fame.




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