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(Medieval Dead)

2013, regia di Jeremy Freeston


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Cineflix Rights, Dragonshead Productions, Like a Shot Entertainment, Yesterday - SoggettoJeremy Freeston - SceneggiaturaJeremy Freeston - MontaggioDavid Halsted - Formato: Color, serie tv di documentari - Durata: 60' ogni episodio della serie.

Cast: Jeremy Freeston, Tim Sutherland, Helen Goodchild, Karen Watts Karen, Anne Curry, Simon Richardson, Malin Holst, Sofia Hoas, Robert Eyre, Maria Lingstrom, Anthony Masington, Thomas Neijman, Petter Akeson, Bethany Givvons-Collinge.






Trama e commenti: «Un team di esperti analizza resti e scheletri risalente al Medioevo, portando alla luce le abitudini e i segreti della gente del tempo.».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «From excavations dating back to the early 20th century the bodies of many such individuals are now being studied in groundbreaking ways as archaeologists use new methods of scientific analysis such as DNA sequencing and digital remote sensing – alongside traditional excavations and in the research library. The series follows stories which bring to life details of the lives of individuals of the medieval world – from soldiers who died in great battles to the lowliest of people who endured extraordinary hardship or disease during the course of their everyday lives. The series emphasises the human experience of the medieval period. Episodes [Season 1] include Richard III’s Lost Chapel; Last Stand at Visby; Agincourt’s Lost Dead; The Mysterious Woman of Tadcaster; Defenders of Masterby; Disease and Pestilence. ...».

I quattro episodi: 1: Richard III's Lost Chapel; 2: Last Stand at Visby; 3: Agincourt's Lost Dead; 4: Defenders of Masterby.

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A partire dall'ottobre 2013 (su Yesterday Channel), la serie tv ha conosciuto 3 stagioni, ed è nota anche con il titolo: Mysterien des Mittelalters.




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