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Giulietta e Romeo

Il museo del sesso

(The Exotic House of Wax)

1997, regia di Cybil Richards


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Surrender Cinema - Distribuzione: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Digivision, Surrender Cinema, Amazing Fantasy Entertainment, Koch Full Moon Releasing, New City Releasing Soggetto (con riferimenti ai personaggi del Romeo e Giulietta di William Shakespeare): Lucas Riley - Sceneggiatura: Cybil Richards - FotografiaJimmy West - MontaggioSollie Box - Art Direction: Thaddias P. OppenheimerScenografiaDrew Daywalt - Set Decoration: Katherine Taylor - CostumiRoxanne Miller - MusicheCarl Dante - Formato: Color - Durata: 85' (90').

Cast: Blake Pickett, Jacqueline Lovell, Everett Rodd, Elizabeth Kaitan, Kurt Sinclair, Melvin Cooley, Lisa Comshaw, Yvette Lera, Rob Lee, Taylor St. Clair, Leigh Matchett, Bobbie Marie, David Stone, Laura Palmer.



Trama e commenti: «Antonio e Cleopatra, Venere e Afrodite Casanova, Messalina, Adamo ed Eva [Giulietta e Romeo] e tutti i personaggi della mitiologia e della storia rimasti famosi per la loro carica erotica sono stati scolpiti in immagini di cera e immortalati nel culmine delle loro passioni erotiche... Quando alcuni ragazzi decidono di riaprire al pubblico il vecchio Museo delle Cere per far ammirare le statue in tutto il loro splendore si accorgono che l'edificio è popolato da cupe ed inquietanti presenze..».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Enough to cause Vincent Price to spin in his grave, this erotic updating of the 1953 Price 3-D shocker isn't quite as awful as its title would indicate. Considering the constraints imposed by the softcore genre, this thriller isn't a completely flaccid effort. On graduation day at Midville College, senior Josie (Josie Hunter) is notified of her grandfather's death. She inherits his reportedly haunted wax museum and goes to check it out with her close friends Star (Jacqueline Lovell), Andy (Eric Acsell), and Pete (Everett J. Rodd), who secretly loves Josie. They discover that Josie s grandfather was about to feature a display of classic lovers at the museum. The four move into an apartment attached to the museum, and each in their turn encounters a hooded figure who wields a strange amulet. Star places the amulet on the figures of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, which then come to life and make love. Josie refuses to believe her, but later Andy has a similar experience. After a visit from an opponent of the museum, Angela Wingate (Elizabeth Kaitan), the quartet discovers that Josie's grandfather owed $27,000 to the bank, which they have only a month to repay. Meanwhile, Andy and Pete both witness the statues of Romeo and Juliet coming to life. That night, the hooded figure places the amulet on Josie and she seduces the lovelorn Pete until the amulet falls off and she awakens as if from a trance. They capture the hooded figure, who turns out to be a mute woman who loved Josie's grandfather. She reveals that the amulet's powers can save the museum and gives Star a personal erotic tour by bringing two female figures to life; the quartet of women proceed to have sex. Josie, Star, Andy, and Pete restore the museum; a sell-out crowd, including Angela Wingate, is impressed by the startling wax figures, which come to life and have sex in front of their eyes. Produced on a slightly higher budget than the average adult film, The Exotic House of Wax is clearly intended as a more "respectable" alternative to hardcore product. The film strives to present a (somewhat) sensible scenario. ...».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: The Erotic House of Wax; Le musée du désir.





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