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Vichinghi e popoli del Nord

The Normans

2010, regia di Charles Colville, Robin Dashwood, Fatima Salaria


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - Distribuzione: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - Sceneggiatura: Robert Bartlett - Fotografia: Neil Harvey - Montaggio: Michael Duly - Formato: Color, serie tv, documentario - Durata: 60' ogni puntata.

Cast: Robert Bartlett.








 Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «In this major series, Professor Robert Bartlett examines the extraordinary expansion and unchecked ambition of the Normans, and shows how they transformed the history of Europe. A Quote from Ralph, Bishop of Orkney ‘Most famous Normans, as you go into battle, remember your name and your ancestry. No one has resisted you and been unscathed. Bold France melted away in front of you. You conquered and subjugated fertile England. Rich Apulia flourished again when she received you. The celebrated city of Jerusalem and the renowned city of Antioch both submitted to you’ (Ralph, Bishop of Orkney, as recounted by Henry of Huntingdon)».

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Serie tv in tre puntate: 1 Men from the North; 2 Conquest; 3 Normans of the South. 




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