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2 Nominations: CableACE Awards 1983, Actor in a Theatrical or Musical Program, and Single Program Theatrical: Musical

Pippin: His Life and Times

1981, regia di David Sheehan


Scheda: Nazione: Canada-USA - Produzione: Elkins Entertainment - Distribuzione: Showtime Networks, VCI Home Video, USA Home Video - Sceneggiatura: Roger O. Hirson - Supervision: Bob Fosse - Montaggio: Raymond M. Bush, Arden Rynew, David Sheehan - Scenografia: Tony Walton - Costumi: Patricia Zipprodt - Musiche: Stephen Schwartz - Formato: Color, musical tv - Durata: 112'.

Cast: William Katt, Leslie Denniston, Benjamin Rayson, Ben Vereen, Martha Raye, Chita Rivera, Christopher Chadman, Frank Masrocola, John Mineo, Joanie P. Oneill, Charles Lee Ward, Lee Mathis, Debra Phelan, Linda Haberman, Kate Wright, Allison Williams.







Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Using the medieval legend of Charlemagne's son, Pippin, heir apparent to the Holy Roman Empire, the musical pageant called Pippin is a parable about a young man's search for meaning and truth. With the show's masterful master of ceremonies, Ben Vereen, jumping the time barrier from the 1980s to the Middle Ages and back again, while the music and costumes go through similar time-and-space warps, young Pippin embarks on an odyssey to discover whether there really is "something worthwhile I can do with my life." William Katt plays, sings and dances the title role with a freshness and exuberance rarely seen in today's entertainment on stage or screen. Broadway's virtuoso baritone, Ben Rayson, is as regal as they come as Charlemagne. The sheer intensity of Vereen's many-faceted talents steals the show again and again, but he never upstages his co-stars. Martha Raye brings her boisterous energy to the role of Berthe, Pippin's 67-year-old grandmother, while Chita Rivera ignites sparks every time she prances into a scene as Pippin's stepmother. With all its distinctions, PIPPIN has never existed anywhere but live, on stage, until this videotaped production, supervised by Bob Fosse and produced and directed for television by David Sheehan. It's one video experience you'll always treasure!».





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