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To Go Viking

2015, regia di Matt Poitras


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: MP Filmcraft - Distribuzione: Vision Films - Soggetto: Matt Poitras - Fotografia: Darren Lehmann, Matt Poitras - Montaggio: Matt Poitras - Musiche: Matt Poitras - Formato: Color, documentario - Durata: 94'.

Cast: Philip Burthem,  Clinton Dale, Joseph Eckwahl, Carl Edmonds, Igor Gorewicz, Dean Hobbs, David Kilbourn, Rob Kilbourn, Matt Poitras, Laura Pelton Sweet, Mike Sweet.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Follow the spectacular journey of a Viking Age group (Texas’ Jomsborg Elag), as they make their way across Europe, where they participate in massive-scale Viking re-enactments and a series of epic competitive battles, including full contact fighting. If you think re-enacting is just a weekend gig then To Go Viking by Matt Poitras will open your eyes. The film has lots of characteristics of an action movie. Intense combat shot at exotic locations. Ancient weapons, sailing vessels, bustling marketplaces and shrines highlight the film. There is even blood and injuries. Those characteristics are in a film that is quite different from an action movie. The Viking group the documentary follows could easily play a major role in a Viking blockbuster. Accuracy and details are a point of pride in the authentic costumes, armor and weapons used by the group. Dedication is what the group member brings to the team. Dedication in the form of training and travel. I wouldn’t expect a group like the Jomsborg Elag to come out of Texas but the unexpected is what makes this film special. The highlight is the combat! Which is as realistic as it can be under a few rules. Rules are needed for safety, scoring and avoiding chaos. However the combat wouldn’t be so incredible without the Vikings honing their skills through dedicated training. The battles need the right weapons. Weapons recreated to pass as weapons from the golden age of the Vikings. The weapons and the fighting wouldn’t look right without costumes which takes the audience away to a distant time. These parts of the group complement each other to create a wholeness that is creative and authentic. ...».






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