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After Midnight

2005, regia di Laura Giglio, Steven A. Grainger, Phil Herman, Isabelle Stephen, Tiffany Warren


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Falcon Video, Laura Giglio Films, Fatal Suahi Productions, OAMM Productions - Distribuzione: Wave Productions - Soggetto: Tiffany Warren, Phil Herman - Sceneggiatura: Tiffany Warren - Fotografia: Jay Bones, Steven A. Grainger, Cruz Machine, Johnny Monotone, Rick Trembles, Kevin Yarbrough - Montaggio: Christopher Kahler, Isabelle Stephen, Tiffany Warren, Kevin Yarbrough - Musiche: Christopher Kahler - Formato: Color - Durata: 80'.

Cast: Nancy Feliciano, Laura Giglio, Johnny Monotone, Cruz Machine, Andy Dragichi, Cindy Osbourne, Nicole Muzquiz, Tiffany Warren, Rey Menchaca, Matt Colunga, Isabelle Stephen, Ann Gonzales, Rick Trembles, Michael Will, Heidi Martinuzzi, David Lee, Phil Herman, Christopher Kahler, Mitsu Bitchi, Michael Will.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «After Midnight is a collection of vampire shorts made by differing independent filmmakers from around the US. This is a sequel to Falcon Video's first vampire compilation titled Around Midnight. Understanding the main wrap around story of After Midnight is a little hard to understand with the unintelligible dialog. What is understood is a woman picks up a book of "scary stories" involving vampires that she receives in the mail. The stories in the book are the segments through out the film. The first story, titled I Want To Be A Vampire, is about a newspaper reporter who does a story on a woman claiming to be a vampire. Once he's in her dwelling however, they both receive a different surprise of their own. The second story is called A Moment of Darkness. In Moment, a woman doctor is fascinated with vampires, logging on to vampire chat rooms, dancing at goth clubs. She finally meets one and learns how horrible it is to really be a vampire. Next story up is called The Perfect Subject. In Perfect Subject a woman sells her body to grimy photographers so long as they "don't touch". When one of her photographers tries to get away with more then what her rules state; he finds himself in serious trouble. The final story actually has nothing to do with vampirisim, which is a tad confusing. It's called No One Around. This short features underground horror icon Heidi Martinuzzi of Pretty-Scary and Horror Post fame. What I got from it was the world was ravaged by some kind of virus, and she's the last one left. It's like The Omega Man in a sense; basically she's the only one left alive, only without cool freaky mutants to encounter. This brings us back to the wrap around story...» (Anny Naumous).

Around Midnight

2004, regia di Laura Giglio, Christopher Kahler, Andrew N. Shearer, Gary Whitson


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Falcon Video - Distribuzione: Falcon Video - Soggetto: Chip Herman, Andrew N. Shearer - Sceneggiatura: Chip Herman, Andrew N. Shearer - Montaggio: Christopher Kahler - Musiche: Christopher Kahler, Matt Comegys - Formato: Color.

Cast: Laura Giglio, Christopher Kahler, Suzi Lorraine, Monica Puller.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «A New Anthology by Falcon Video. ... The world is getting taking over by vampires and there is time to tell some scary stories in between. A really scary and sexy movie. From the Makers of Before I Die and the Jacker series».


Sequel: After Midnight



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