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1977, regia di Wim Lindner


Scheda: Nazione: Olanda-Francia - Produzione: CTIS, Jaap Van Rij Filmproductie - Distribuzione: Gofilex - Soggetto: dal racconto Bloed Zonder Bodem di Herman Pieter Schoenfeld Wichers (come Belcampo) - Sceneggiatura e adattamento: John Brason - Fotografia: Walter Bal - Montaggio: Robert Krüger - Musiche: Jean-Manuel de Scarano - Formato: Color - Durata: 97'.

Cast: Sophie Deschamps, Eddie Constantine, Maxim Hamel, Ralph Arliss, Grégoire Aslan, Eric Beekes, Ronnie Bierman, Robert Dalban, Frits Emmerik, Simone Ettekoven, Jacqueline Huet, Wim Kouwenhoven, Huib Rooymans, Will Van Selst, Elly Van Stekelenburg, Gerard Westenburg.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - «The young, attractive Maria (Sophie Deschamps) arrives at the local hospital to begin training as a nurse, where to her horror, she discovers that Doctor Julius Steiger (Maxim Hamel) as head of the blood bank also presides over a coterie of vampires. This wholly ineffectual and ludicrous group of characters (consisting of a talkative widow, an ageing queer and his boyfriend, a senile old man and the local stationmaster, his wife and baby, not to mention the Doctor's son) get their weekly "shots" from Steiger. Being religious, Maria decides that she must somehow destroy the group. Being pursued by Doctor Steiger and his son, she brings about an accident which puts the Doctor in hospital, thereby cutting off the group's blood supply - who hover around biting their nails. The Doctor's return to health is celebrated by...».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Blood Relations; Les Vampires en ont pas de bol; Mort au sang donneur.



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