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Blood Kiss

1999, regia di Michael W. Johnson


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Nightmare Productions - Distribuzione: Video Outlaw - Soggetto: Betty Stinson - Sceneggiatura: Betty Stinson - Montaggio: Michael W. Johnson - Musiche: Gregory Menacho - Formato: Color - Durata: 120'.

Cast: Steve Lee, Amanda Murphy, Jeff Murphy, Michael W. Johnson, Steven Mark Hahn, Valentino Torres, Ed Bray, Crystal Harrell, Andrew Johnson, Stephani Johnson, Melinda Shaffer, Lew Wurdeman.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Video Outlaw presents this neo-exploitation lesbian vampire film, laced with copious amounts of sex, blood, and violence. Taking a page from The Evil Dead, Blood Kiss begins when Elaine, a formerly happy housewife, starts dabbling in the black arts, eventually finding an ancient incantation that unleashes a bloodthirsty vampire who kills Elaine and abducts her daughter. Ten years later, Elaine's husband, Danny, thinks he has found his wife's murderer when a vampire-like serial killer who is feeding on young prostitutes. Knowing that he will have to do battle with a horde of undead sex-crazed former prostitutes, Danny plunges in headfirst anyway, hoping his daughter is still alive».



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