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VampireSex: il soft e l'hard


1993, regia di Hugo Bataille



Scheda: Nazione: ? - Produzione: VTO Pictures - Distribuzione: VTO Pictures - Soggetto: Hugo Bataille - Sceneggiatura: Hugo Bataille - Fotografia: Steve Beaumont - Formato: Color, VHS Pal - Durata: 78' (90').

Cast: Julia Chanel, Maeva Bernard, Melody, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Murphy, Steve Vincent.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: « Ever since that fateful night he met beautiful and seductive Draculine (Julia Chanel), Rocco feels the strange urge to bite people's necks. But when a friend shows him some video footage of that particular night, it all becomes crystal clear to him: while making love to Draculine, she has turned him into one of her kind, a vampire, a creature of the night.  As he starts coughing up blood, he has only two options left to become human again: he has either to deflower a virgin, or to kill the vampire that turned him into one of the undead...».


Film porno.




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