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The Kiss

2008, regia di Scott Madden


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: RF Productions, Mar Val Les Films - Distribuzione: Invincible Pictures - Soggetto: Scott Madden - Sceneggiatura: Scott Madden - Fotografia: Drew Lauer - Montaggio: Duncan Sinclair - Musiche: Ron Feuer - Effetti speciali: Monster-Effects - Formato: Color - Durata: 103'.

Cast: Lourdes Colon, Lendon LeMelle, Valerie Feuer, Michael Galvez, Angela Rachelle, Robyn Jensen, Jack Hill, Jeremy Batiste, Vincent Rivera, Brandy Maddox, Andrea Chung, Noel Signagio, Hannah Cowley, Alexandria Serrano, Lindsey Elise, Heather Belling, Julie Peppard, Johnny Venocur, Chris Lavoy.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «A romantic horror comedy about a Latina Vampire and the 18 year-old boy that raises her from the near-dead. Forever changed are the lives of Jeremy Williams, his family & his high school acquaintances. Young Jeremy's life is a daily slog through teenage hell -- his only shields are his iPod and his sour attitude. He doesn't even know that change is possible, let alone that it is coming... that it is inevitable, that it is... his fate. He's about to stumble into an ancient feud between two warring vampyre clans... Santa Maria, the forgotten Queen of the Clan of the Snake has been imprisoned and left for dead in a shallow grave in the desert of Hell. It has taken centuries, but She has finally mustered enough strength to plead loud enough for the right ear to hear... And as Jeremy's love resurrects Santa Maria's corpse from from the wasteland of death, Santa Maria's love for Jeremy raises him from the numbing death of his teenage life. But when Santa Maria needs to move up the food chain to keep her returning strength growing, Jeremy's love is tested... did he really fall in love with a ferocious, predatory monster? Did she ever love him? Is he next on her banquet table? Can love ever really last forever? All it takes is the kiss».

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