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The Ultimate Vampire

(Jiang shi zhi zun)

1991, regia di Lau Wai Keung


Scheda: Nazione: Hong Kong - Produzione: Eagle Films, Newport Entertainment - Distribuzione: Tai Seng Video Marketing Inc. - Formato: Color, linguaggio cantonese.

Cast: Joanna Chan, Siu-hou Chin, Feng Ku, Ching-Ying Lam, Chau Sang Lau, Shun Lau, Carrie Ng, Chi Yeung Wong, Ronald Wong.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - «Andrew Lau Wai-keung spins this low-budget horror-comedy set during the one day of the year in the Chinese lunar calendar when the gates of the underworld are opened up and ghosts are given a day's furlough to wander about the world of the living. The film centers around a Taoist master named Lin Chiu...».



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