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vampire's embrace

1997, regia di Glenn Andreiev


Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneFlorida Production Center - DistribuzioneCamp Motion Pictures, Shock-O-Rama Cinema - SoggettoGlenn Andreiev - SceneggiaturaGlenn Andreiev - Fotografia: Steven McKenzie - Musica: Nicholas D. Kent - Effetti speciali: George Higham - Formato: Color - Durata74' (85').

Cast: Susan Andreiev, Paul Borghese, Edna Boyle, Rick Collins, Nora Maher, Mimi Stuart, Larry Sufrin, Sarah Watchman, Rachel White, Burt Wright, Richard Cline Cunningham (voce).



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Not a bad little independent horror film, this vampire thriller from director Glen Andreiev stars Paul Borgese as stockbroker Bob Friedman, whose wife Roxanne is constantly unfaithful. Bob leaves his cheating wife for a woman named Angela (Sarah Watchman) whom he meets outside a horror movie. When he visits her place of employment, however, they have no record of her working there. That's because she's a 200-year old vampire who has been brought back to bloodsucking by another vampire, Cassandra (Edna Boyle), who was staked with her during the 1700s and returned to "life" by some horny teenagers playing Spin the Bottle in a mausoleum. That's not the only morbid game in this film, either, as Andreiev also throws in some kids discovering a severed hand while participating in a graveyard Easter egg hunt. At any rate, Bob and Angela get married and it isn't long before Bob starts suspecting that his newfound bride may be hiding something about herself. When he comes across Angela and Cassandra ripping a guy to pieces and drinking his blood, Bob finally figures out that he has married a vampire. Nevertheless, the loyal stockbroker stands by his woman, fangs and all, and begins to convince her that maybe she'd like to be human after all (in this film, vampirism can be cured by killing another vampire)» (Robert Firsching).

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