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Blood in the Night

1993, regia di Lincoln Kupchak


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Rivers of Blood Productions - Distribuzione: CustomFlix - Soggetto: Lincoln Kupchak - Sceneggiatura: Charles Axworthy, Melanie J. Elin, Lincoln Kupchak, Kris McHale - Fotografia: Scott Bagley, Armando Díaz - Montaggio: Lincoln Kupchak - Costumi: Kris McHale - Effetti speciali: R.I.P. FX - Formato: Color, corto - Durata: 17'.  

Cast: Reggie Athnos, Mark Moyer, David Laird Scott, Bonita Walker, Michael Bradberry, Gina Altizer, Scott Bagley, Matthew Durham, Melanie J. Elin, Kris McHale.


Trama e commenti:

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «The art of short film making is a subtle one. With little time for exposition a way has to be found to move the narrative along in a way that makes sense but also, often, makes use of shortcuts. Blood in the Night used narrative shortcuts but they felt, unfortunately, unsatisfying and left the viewer wondering why rather than accepting the shortcut for what it was. It begins in some Eastern European location. A man, Vladius (David Laird Scott). listens to a baby cry. A man and woman try to calm it but Vladius snatches it away. He is going to silence it but then says he can’t harm it as the baby is cursed already. The man takes it and runs as the woman is punished by being attacked by Vladius, who then appears before the man and takes the baby. ...».

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