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Murnau the Vampire

2006, regia di Oscar Alvarado


Scheda: Nazione: Messico - Produzione: OM Animation Studios - Distribuzione: gratuita su internet - Soggetto: Oscar Alvarado - Sceneggiatura: Oscar Alvarado Musiche: Theatres des Vampires - Formato: Color, corto, animazione - Durata: 27'.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - - - «Murnau the Vampire is a 2006 animated short-film produced by OM Animation Studios and directed by Oscar Alvarado. This was the first Mexican animation film released on DVD format. It was presented at the 2007 Blender Conference and the band Theatre des Vampires collaborated on the soundtrack. Count Murnau (named for F.W. Murnau, director of Nosferatu), a wealthy eccentric from the Carpathian region wishes to buy a property in Hannover, Germany. The real estate agency sends Mr. Dohart, his best sales representative to close the deal, but Dohart never gets back. The real state agency sends the young and newlywed Hutter to take care of this matter, and he departs alone to Transylvania leaving his wife Ellen waiting for his return. When he gets to the castle, Hutter begins to uncover the terrible secret that Count, Murnau is a vampire. An eerie connection begins to surface between the Count, Dohart and his wife Ellen. The Count Murnau holds Hutter against his will inside his castle, as he begins the journey to his newly acquired property in Hannover, close to Ellen. Hutter escapes the dangers of the castle by jumping out of a window into a river, then he begins a deadly race to stop Murnau. Hutter arrives only to discover the count settled in his new property as he tries to seduce Ellen who is suddenly stricken with a strange disease. Hutter contacts Dr. Shvert an old master of the dark sciences. Can these two stop the journey of the Count on time?».





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